Employee Development

Senao Networks grows and learns with you

Senao Networks Inc. attaches great importance to talent development. We are committed to transforming “human resources" into “talent capitals". Through learning systems and training resources, it strengthens employee core competitiveness that Senao Networks Inc. can provide the most valuable products in the market to meet customer needs. In November 2017, Senao Networks Inc. got the TTQS (Talent Quality-management System) certificate. We will continue to build the perfect training system and talent capitals.

Dynamic Talent Developing Based on Competency

Each Competency training follows the Talent Development Quality Management System (TTQS)

Diverse Learning Methods

Classroom Learning

Well-equipped venue with a high-quality learning environment makes learning more focused.

On-the-Job Training

Supervisors and mentors demonstrate learning-by-doing which makes learning more direct and effective.


Providing online courses recorded by Senao’s experts to make learning more convenient.

External Courses

Absorbing new knowledge from external experts to make learning more advanced.