SNI group makes efforts in providing high-efficiency and high-reliability Networking Products as well as constantly develops solutions for new technology. The annual investment in research and development reaches up 8% of SNI group's yearly turnover, and there are more than 300 R&D engineers dedicated to various forward-looking projects.

SNI focuses on enterprise-level network communication equipment, wireless network system products, wired network system products, outdoor & indoor wireless access points, network managed switches, automotive wireless gateways, wireless IoT gateways as well as sensors, network security monitoring systems, network security servers for a long-term.

Wireless network products are characterized by long-range, high performance and multiple wireless accesses through multi wireless integration technology and MESH protocol technology. This unique feature differentiates SNI from other competitors.

With the evolution in WLAN technologies, 6 GHz band is introduced to WiFi 6E (2.4/5/6 GHz) from 802.11ax WiFi6 (2.4/5GHz) which accelerates the 3rd platform market demand in the fields of cloud services, mobile interconnection, big-data operation, and social commerce. Smart home, cloud services, 4G LTE/5G, big-data operation, SD-WAN, and Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things (IoT/IIoT) become the key factors to drive the growth of telecommunication industry.

An integrated solution with Network monitoring products is powerful and safe, operates with a well-developed networking management system to deal with video, audio, and data transmission.

Enhancing the compatibility with IOT applications and taking advantage of business opportunities are our key strategies in product planning and development. SNI raises the entry barrier via outstanding technology and quality. The integration of software and hardware and platform design increases overall product competitiveness.

R&D Capability

SNI encourages innovation, research, and development which contribute to plenty of patent applications and get granted every year.

- WLAN devices with unique and advanced MESH protocol technology bring multiple wireless technology integrations, long-range, high-performance features.

- Follow SNI Green Infinity Plan, product design is energy-saving oriented. Low power consumption components have a higher preference for external power supply design and also to lower standby power consumption technology through software adjustment upon user scenario.

- Innovative antenna design: through the special structure of having multiple antennas in the same frequency band designed for a single radiator to reduce antenna size but still has good isolation.

Patent Portfolio
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System Certification

SNI is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 and TWAEO certified. The quality management system has been completely implemented from new product design and development, testing to production so as to ensure the product quality is liable to meet customer’s expectations.

Competitive Advantage

To stay away from pure price competition is SNI’s long-term strategy. The stable cooperation relationship is built on mastering key techniques and delivering value propositions to business partners. Consolidate technical cooperation with the strategic partners include key components suppliers, third-party software providers in order to shorten the development lead time and reduce cost over time which brings advantages in product competitiveness.