R&D laboratory is invested with a great deal of testing equipment to support new technology research and to bring efficiency in design verification along with the best quality.

RF and Antenna

Signal Integrity
Mechanical Structure and System Thermal Simulation
Power Engineering

RF and Antenna Lab

If Antenna Design is the key factor in a successful product, a complete and supportive lab will become its first string. The measuring instruments are well equipped with a network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, WiFi tester, power meter, OTA isolation room, and 2D/3D Anechoic Chamber.

5GHz Dish Antenna 3D Simulate Radiation Pattern

High Directional 3D Antenna Radiation Pattern

High Directional 2D Antenna Radiation Pattern

Signal Integrity Lab

The high-speed signal lab is responsible for complete signal testing, to ensure the signal in the circuit is fully transmitted without any disturbance. Senao currently tests all signals by Tektronix Oscilloscope; from low-speed USB2(480Mbps) to high-speed USB3.2 Gen2(10Gbps) / PCI-E 4.0(16GT/s) and even higher speed Ethernet 100G & 400G. With regards to SI/PI simulation, Cadence Allegro Sigrity with 100G Tektronix Oscilloscope can help engineers to analyze signals and complete the verification.

3D Anechoic Chamber

Senao has a complete measurement system in the antenna design. Engineers can quickly understand the antenna performance by the antenna measurement system. In the passive test, most of the products on the market can be measured, and it can also test WiFi, throughput, active/passive cross-validation to ensure that the product has good performance.

ANSYS HFSS Antenna Simulation Tool

3D EM software is the design tool used for field simulation for RF & wireless design. Whether it is from small sensors to large dish antennas, we can quickly help our customers with a solid pre-assessment to optimize the product design. The 3D EM software could cover most of the essentials including antenna S parameters, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), efficiency, gain, 2D/3D radiation pattern, electromagnetic field, current distribution map as well as other data associated.

Oscillogram in test
Signal oscilloscope

Ethernet Switch Signal Eye Diagram

The eye diagram of the new Generation 100G/400G test is combined with Tektronix Scope DPO7000SX and software TekExpress 100G/400G-TXE.

Test data from Ethernet Switch

Ethernet 100G/400G signal follows IEEE 802.3 standard to perform the testing and a complete test report will be released once the test is done.

PCIE 4.0 Signal Eye Diagram

Ensure the eye diagram of PCIe to meet specifications of PCI-SIG by designated test software of PCIE Organization.

USB 3.2 Signal Eye Diagram

Using TekExpress software with Tektronix Oscilloscope to test USB compliance test of USB2.0 to USB3.2 Gen2.

Mechanical and Thermal Engineering Lab

With the enhancement of internet speed, the power dissipation of networking products has increased every year. Thermal management is getting challenging. Senao networks Thermal team can simulate a different kind of environmental condition such as high ambient temperature, high altitude, and solar radiation. Thermal simulation can show the temperature distribution and flow path in the early stage. With the simulation result, engineers can improve the design and provide the most professional and economical solutions for our customers. With the simulation before developing, it can also help to shorten design cycle.

In Senao lab, Mechanical analysis software and advanced 3D printing equipment help mechanical engineers to execute and simulate mechanical analysis. And based on all kinds of enclosure materials including plastic, metal or other complex materials, engineers could simulate mechanical design accordingly and expedite initial ID outlook and develop structure design to optimize verification timing, schedule and enhance design result.

Products of Senao Networks are designed to certify following Certification Standards and Reliability test regulations according to customer requests:
- International Protection Marking, IEC 60529 (Ingress Protection Rating/IP Code) IP65/66/67
- CE ATEX and UL for Class I Division II hazardous certification (C1D2)
- FIPS PUB 140-2 of Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 140-2-GR-63
- Core Issue 4 for Earthquake Physical Protection Requirements
- Wind Tunnel Test for Outdoor Device
- ISTA 2A & 3A for Packaging Test - EN 50155 for Railway Standard
- ISO 16750-3 for Road vehicles Standard

Thermal Simulation Analysis Algorithm

Senao Networks use Flotherm XT to do the thermal simulation. Flotherm XT has a CAD-centric user interface, as well as interoperability with MCAD and EDA software. It can provide fast and accurate analysis results. The unique mesh technique can not only reduce mesh numbers but also offer a more realistic 3D model than traditional software.

Ethernet Switch Thermal Simulation Analysis

By using Flotherm XT, engineers can analyze temperature distribution and airflow path for optimizing the design of the fan duct, fin, thermal module, and so on. Engineers can evaluate components and chassis temperature in the early development stage and optimize the solution in the design phase.

Mechanical structure simulation software analysis

By mechanical digital simulation and analysis, engineers can predict and verify mechanical structure design and ensure structure and molding analysis results. This will optimize the design and shorten the design period.

IP68 Dust-Proof and Water-Proof Mechanical Design

For the outdoor products environment, Senao can provide water-proof and dust-proof design based on the requirement from IP55 to IP68 accordingly. Consolidating anti-UV enclosure materials and lightning protection design, we can protect products to stabilize mechanical features under a severe environment.

Power Engineering Lab

The advanced power design laboratory of Senao Networks is mainly specialized in the research and development of advanced power supply design such as digital redundant power supply (PSU), open frame power supply, and PoE Injector. Using Chroma ATE 8000 to test electricity power performance with programmable temperature and humidity chamber for high/low-temperature test, which will assist engineers to implement power supply functional enhancement, timing analysis, component power efficiency temperature analysis, and thermal shock test to make sure the stability and reliability of power supply design and quality verification.

Automatic Test System of Switching Power Supply

To ensure power supply design quality, Senao uses Chroma ATE 8000 to perform tests for all power supply functions and features. The thermal chamber and advanced oscilloscope help engineers verify power supply performance and timing sequence analysis to accomplish power supply design and quality verification. Comprehensive testing requirements of power supply include output power performance, input power characteristics, stability test, protection test, timing, and transient characteristics and special test.

The power supply automatic test system provides a variety of hardware options, such as programmable AC/DC power supplies, electronic loads, digital meters, oscilloscopes, timing/noise analyzers, short-circuit and overvoltage protection test. Combined with the open platform software such as PowerProⅢ, it provides users with a flexible, powerful, and cost-effective automatic test system to meet any form of power supply test.

Programmable Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber

Utilizing programmable constant temperature and humidity equipment for high / low-temperature test and collocating with YOKOGAWA thermal recorder assists engineers to execute temperature analysis of power supply components and high/ low thermal shock test. The temperature testing ranges from -60℃to 100℃, the accuracy of control can be achieved to ±0.2℃, and the accuracy of resolution can be reached to 0.01℃; Humidity testing ranges from 10% to 98% RH. , accuracy can reach to ±2.5%RH, and resolution can reach to 0.01% RH.

The test equipment adopts SUS 304 first-grade stainless steel inner box and high-toughness cold-rolled stainless steel outer box, high-density glass wool, and high-strength PU foam insulation material up to 10 cm thickness to achieve thermal insulation effect. The inner and outer box door frames are surrounded by the latest technology of high temperature resistant and flame resistant non-metallic thermal insulation materials to achieve the best thermal insulation effect and reducing power consumption. The machine adopts the latest design method, which greatly improves heat dissipation, humidification, and stability.

Input voltage analysis test
Output voltage and signal timing measurement
Thermal test

Application Software Development

In addition to investing in product development, testing, verification equipment, and engineering teams, we are actively developing related application software. Our focus extends to the development of advanced application software, including Network Management Software, Wireless Network Control Software, High-performance Surveillance Software, and a robust Cloud Management platform to address the diverse requirements of each customer segment.

We have built a network management platform based on cloud computing technology, utilizing a robust infrastructure of big data and advanced artificial intelligence engines. Our platform offers enterprises and operators a scalable and dynamic solution, equipped with a visualized central management module. Seamlessly integrating wired, wireless, and security gateway devices, our platform provides comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities.

Network Management Software

Wireless Network Management Software

AI-driven Cloud Management platform