Management of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

SNI abides by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct. As a people-oriented company, SNI is committed to safeguarding human rights and helping employees develop professional skills and increase their sense of happiness within the organization, while actively working towards creating an environment that allows mutual existence, prosperity, and growth with society. By facilitating economic growth and providing a sound working environment together with its supply chain, SNI shall continue to offer products with greater convenience and comfort to humankind. In its business operations, the company aims to comply with pertinent regulations and conduct business with integrity in order to keep abreast with trends in the international community, society, and neighboring communities as it incorporates various systems to promote transparent management, which will boost the corporate image and enable SNI to become a sustainable LOHAS enterprise.

The company is committed to promoting the fulfillment of its corporate social responsibilities to achieve sustainable operations.


To conduct our business with integrity and adopt transparency in internal governance so as to maintain profit for sustainable operations whilst safeguarding stakeholders’ rights.


To collaborate with employees in caring for communities, promote social welfare, boost the company’s image and facilitate sustainable operation.


To comply with pertinent regulations, reduce energy consumption, and develop eco-friendly products.


To protect employee rights and provide adequate training; create a LOHAS working environment that cultivates cohesiveness and happiness among members of the company.

Supply Chains

To promote localized purchases, reduce packaging, minimize carbon emissions from transportation, reject the use of conflict minerals, and promote a sustainable green value chain.


To follow the Business operations principle of fair trade, all colleagues maintain integrity and must not request or accept gifts or other benefits from persons interested in their positions, strictly observe business ethics, and respect intellectual property rights and privacy rights.

The Five Principles of AA1000 SES-2015 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (SES)

Demands and Channels of Communication for Different Stakeholders

Matrix of Stakeholder Concerns

Responsible CSR Committee members have held stakeholder engagement meetings in January 2019 and after extensive discussions, we have identified corresponding stakeholders for each unit and evaluated the selection of suitable methods for further stakeholder engagement (i.e. questionnaire or interview). For NGO, investors, suppliers, contractors, community residents, customers, government agencies, and employees, SNI has issued questionnaires as the method of engagement. Based on the extent of “degree of impact on the Company” and “degree of stakeholder concern” for each material aspect of consideration, we have created the following matrix.

Stakeholder Contacts

Contact Number
E-mail Address
Investor Services
TEL: +886-3-3289289 EXT: 5807
Supplier Services
TEL: +886-3-3289289 EXT: 5202
Customer Services
TEL: +886-3-3289289 EXT: 2560
Human Resources Recruitment Services
TEL: +886-3-3289289 EXT: 5805
TEL: +886-3-3289289 EXT: 5807

Action Plan

Selection of Material Topics

Selection of Material Topics for the 2019 SNI CSR Report: Based on the outcome of the questionnaires completed by CSR Committee Members, the material topics were identified and the boundaries were established. The President also took part in the process and determined nine material topics for disclosure and these are:

The “SNI Green Infinity Plan

SNI’s promotion of green-related issues primarily began in 2016 when we established our inter-departmental platform – Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, which initiated company-wide energy conservation and carbon reduction and introduced green policies in the company’s operations. Not only that, but the Committee also proposed and launched the “SNI Green Infinity Plan” (scheduled for 2017~2020) to incorporate green thinking into SNI’s operational strategies and manifested as actions to promote green and sustainable management, thereby ensuring harmonious coexistence with the planet. Not only that, with sustainable use of Earth’s resources as our objective, but we shall also strive to mitigate the risks of global climate changes and exhaustion of energy resources as we stay abreast of the latest green development trends around the world and create opportunities for new businesses. This will enable us to achieve our green sustainability objectives of “Happy consumers, Safe planet and Assured businesses” The “SNI Green Infinity Plan” for 2017~2020 will involve the seven functional subcommittees under the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee to implement relevant promotions in accordance with their functions and responsibilities to initiate green-collar cultivation as the starting point and connect to other eight major aspects of the green supply chain, green purchasing, green accounting, green manufacturing process, green packaging, green products, and green care to propel the company’s Green Infinity Plan.

Green accounting
To achieve effective control over the company’s costs and expenses for green investment, thereby enabling the analysis of green investments and improvement of investment efficiency.​
Green purchasing
To purchase materials and products with relevant eco-friendly labels and gradually establish our green purchasing mechanism.​​
Green supply chain
To assist the supply chain to reduce energy consumption for operations, thereby reducing the carbon and water footprint for products.​​​
Green-collar cultivation
To indoctrinate environmental education and create a green workplace in order to cultivate green-collar talents. ​​
Green manufacturing process
Promoted clean production mechanisms that facilitates water conservation, energy conservation, and waste reduction to reduce production cost.​
Green products
To promote the philosophy of green design by integrating our upstream and downstream suppliers in the efforts and jointly achieve our green vision.​
Green packaging
Reduced packing weight, developed green packaging material, and increased recycling rate of packing.​
Green care
To care for SNI employees and their families, disadvantaged minorities, and communities while promoting the relevant green concept.​

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals Agenda (2030 Agenda) was passed at the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development in September, 2015. The 2030 Agenda integrates three aspects; namely, society, economy and environment, and covers 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which came into effect on January 1, 2016. From the Millennium Program, the United Nations has moved to SDGs, starting a new era of sustainable development. The blueprint for sustainable development takes into account the global environment and well-being of future generations. Although SDGs are national-level goals, SNI, as a corporate citizen of Taiwan, shall contribute to the country’s future sustainable development. Therefore, in 2018, SNI proposed the Green Infinity Plan in line with the SDGs. In 2019, it proposed action plans such as No poverty, Quality education, Employment and economic growth; Industry, Innovation Infrastructure, Reduced inequalities, Sustainable cities, Responsible consumption and production, Climate action, and Peace and justice systems. In the future, the company intends to propose relevant action plans based on the SDGs, so as to implement sustainable development objectives.

Organization and Function

Each Corporate Social Responsibility subcommittee is tasked with the facilitation of relevant action plans that have been drafted among relevant departments and units in accordance with their functions while advocating for employees to take specific actions in their day-to-day lives by contributing to a comfortable and joyful atmosphere in the working environment so that employees could benefit from healthy and balanced lifestyles. As the Company develops eco-friendly green products to reduce the impact on the environment, we shall spread this momentum of energy-conservation, carbon-reduction, and environmental-protection to our upstream and downstream suppliers, customers, communities and members of employees’ families in our operating locations. These subcommittees will work hand-in-hand to establish our green concept from within and extend it outward in our external eco-friendly actions so that our stakeholders can better appreciate SNI’s management and efforts in fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities.