Human Rights Policy

Human Rights Policy

Senao is committed to protecting and respecting the basic human rights of our employees and value chain partners, which include our customers, suppliers/contractors, agents, joint venture enterprises, alliance partners, and local communities. Our aim is to promote sustainable development across environmental, social, and economic aspects. Senao firmly supports and respects internationally recognized human rights principles and standards, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Global Compact, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the International Labor Organization's Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Senao complies with local laws and regulations where the company is located. As a member of RBA (Responsible Business Alliance), Senao executes the internal audit regularly and adopts the Code of Conduct of RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) as management framework to ensure human rights are implemented. To protect and respect human rights, Senao is committed to the following measures to prevent any actions that could potentially result in human rights violations or negative impacts.

  1. Prohibiting human trafficking, forced labor, and child labor in all our business operations and supply chain.

  2. All work is voluntary, and workers have the right to terminate their employment freely at any time.

  3. Suppliers or intermediaries are prohibited from withholding, damaging, concealing, confiscating, or refusing workers' access to identification documents, such as government-issued identification, passports, or work permits, except as otherwise required by law.

  4. Prohibiting the employment of individuals under the age of 16 or who have not completed compulsory education or the minimum employment age in the respective country/region.

  5. Respecting Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining rights.

  6. Embracing diversity and opposing discrimination.

  7. Zero tolerance for harassment.

  8. Complying with hour and wage regulations.

  9. Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

  10. Protecting personal data and information security.

  11. Procurement activities will follow the principle of fair trade, strictly adhere to business ethics, and respect intellectual property and privacy rights.

  12. Complying with laws and regulations, reduction of resource consumption, development of environmentally friendly raw materials and products.

  13. Local procurement shall reduce packaging, transportation carbon emissions, refrain from using conflict minerals, and promote a green and sustainable value chain.

  14. Senao remains dedicated to protecting the human rights of our employees and value chain partners, which include our customers, suppliers/contractors, agents, joint venture enterprises, alliance partners, and local communities, ensuring these principles are integrated into all aspects of our business operations and external collaborations.


Diversity and Inclusion

When recruiting at SNI, priority is given to hiring local nationals in accordance with legal requirements. However, the company actively seeks talent from diverse nationalities to cultivate an international work environment. SNI aims to foster teamwork in a multicultural setting, believing that diverse backgrounds can spark unique creative ideas. The company values equality and diversity in talent recruitment, not only employing non-native staff but also hiring individuals with disabilities in compliance with the law to ensure employment opportunities for vulnerable groups.

Diverse Communication

SNI has established a diverse internal communication platform and channels to facilitate transparent two-way communication. This approach enables the company to understand employees' suggestions and improvement directions, providing real-time feedback and addressing queries to enhance overall operational efficiency.