Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety

SNI deeply recognizes that corporate operations are not only about profit but also about occupational hazard prevention. Providing a safe and high-quality working environment for employees is crucial for the sustainable operation of the company. We consistently uphold a spirit of continuous improvement, implementing the existing environmental health and safety management systems ISO 14001/ISO 45001 at the factory. We encourage employee suggestions for improvement and aim for a goal of zero accidents in the plant, ensuring all colleagues can work with peace of mind and return home safely.

​Environmental Health and Safety Policy

SNI's environmental health and safety policy are effectively communicated to stakeholders through various channels:

  • Posters at the entrance and exit of the plant.
  • Unit environmental safety and health committees assist in promotion.
  • Implementation and promotion through environmental safety and health education, training, and activities.
  • Explanation, promotion, communication, and coordination through contractor agreement organization meetings.
  • Promotion on the company's internal and external websites.

神準環安衛政策,持續透過以下途徑, 有效將政策內容傳達各利害關係人:

  • 廠區人員出入處張貼宣導。

  • 單位環境勞工安全衛生委員協助推行宣導。

  • 透過環安衛教育訓練及活動落實與推動。

  • 藉由承攬商與協議組織會議,說明、宣導、溝通及協調。

  • 公司內、外部網頁宣導。

​Environmental Health and Safety Policy

  1. Compliance with domestic environmental health and safety regulations to ensure internal and external communication.
  2. Conservation of Earth's resources, reducing the environmental impact of products to achieve the goal of no hazardous substances.
  3. Continued promotion of resource recycling to reduce environmental burden.
  4. Strengthening employee education and training, as well as environmental safety and health training and promotion for suppliers and contractors.
  5. Automatic checks to eliminate unsafe actions and environments, preventing accidents.
  6. Achieving the participation of all employees in creating a safe and healthy environment.

Environmental Health and Safety System

SNI's headquarters has obtained ISO 14001/ISO 45001 system certification, and each year, third-party verification units conduct repeated verifications to continuously enhance and improve environmental health and safety performance, ensuring that employees have a safe working environment.

Hazard Identification Risk Assessment

SNI follows the PDCA spirit of ISO 45001 management system, conducting risk and opportunity assessments to promote continuous improvement. Every year, we perform hazard identification and risk and opportunity assessments to ensure their accuracy and effectiveness, allowing us to control and improve environmental health and safety risks within the scope of operational activities.

In addition to regular assessments, we collect and evaluate potential risks through daily inspections and a smooth internal reporting mechanism. When unacceptable risks are identified, we prioritize implementing measures such as elimination, replacement, engineering controls, administrative controls, personal protective equipment, etc. We consider factors such as existing technical capabilities and available resources to adopt effective control measures that reduce risks and protect the health and safety of employees.

Accident Investigation and Improvement

To minimize the harm and risks following an accident, a comprehensive Accident Investigation and Improvement Management protocol has been established. In the event of an accident, the respective unit reports it, and based on the severity, the incident is categorized into investigation levels. Corresponding investigation teams are then formed for each level, and investigations are completed within specified timelines based on the requirements of each incident. Strict control and implementation of corrective and preventive measures are carried out according to the investigation results. Before implementation, a risk assessment is conducted to ensure that post-improvement safety and health risks are reduced to an acceptable level, preventing the recurrence of similar incidents.

Emergency Response

To enhance employee safety awareness and emergency response capabilities, regular fire drills are conducted annually. These drills include fire drill reporting and full-factory evacuation exercises. The simulation exercises of disasters significantly increase employees' awareness of hazards and their ability to respond in emergencies. Through practical drills, the response processes are reviewed for improvement, ensuring that the facility can respond calmly to unexpected accidents.

Whole-factory evacuation drill
Notification team drill

Employee Health Management

Employee health is the most valuable asset of a company. SNI is committed to providing comprehensive health care for employees, safeguarding their physical and mental well-being. We believe that with healthy employees, the company gains competitiveness!

We have enhanced the efficiency of our health management through a well-established health management system and an employee health database. Simultaneously, we actively promote the concept of prevention being better than cure. By utilizing posters and health promotion lectures, we advocate for health management, aiding employees in forming correct health perspectives and adopting healthy lifestyles, thereby creating a workplace environment that is both healthy and happy.

Health Lectures and Health Care Advocacy

In addition to conducting regular health check-ups, SNI invites professionals from various fields to conduct a series of lectures, providing employees with knowledge in preventive medicine.

Dining Out with a Nutritionist
Speaker: Yibin Chen, Nutritionist, Nutrition Therapy Department, Cheng Hsin General Hospital

Dining Out with a Nutritionist
Speaker: Yibin Chen, Nutritionist, Nutrition Therapy Department, Cheng Hsin General Hospital

Building Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, Enhancing Work Endurance
Speaker: Hsin-Pei Chen, Psychologist, Qizong Counseling Center