Social Inclusion

Industry-Academia Collaboration

SNI places great emphasis on the cultivation and accumulation of overall young talents. Through the 'Industry-Academia Collaboration Cultivation' program, we facilitate the connection between young students and the industry, encouraging them to understand the pulse of the business early on. SNI provides opportunities for company visits and technical cooperation, allowing students to grasp the values and leading product technologies of SNI.

In 2022, the SNI Switching Team, serving as technical consultants, collaborated with the 'Sonic Elephant Capture at Sonic Speed' team led by Professor Lai Yu-kun of Chung Yuan Christian University. The team participated in the Mobileheroes Communication Contest, renowned in the industry as the" Communication Oscars.' Their project, titled 'SONiC 3: Combating Malicious Traffic", focused on the detection and analysis of abnormal network traffic, earning them the "Special Jury Award".

Participation Year: 2022

Team Name: Sonic Elephant Capture at Sonic Speed

Team Members: Yang Yunxin, Chen Yisheng, Wei Qi, You Zhongxin, Gu Xiuwen

Team Number: C220087

Key Highlights

  1. Utilizing the open-source SONiC network operating system.

  2. Maintaining high-speed packet processing performance.

  3. Real-time detection of large traffic to prevent network congestion.

Community Outreach

Proximity matters, and SNI, guided by a sense of social civic duty, spares no effort in carrying out community outreach initiatives. We encourage SNI employees to care for those around them in need, embodying the principle of 'Help Others as You Would Help Yourself.' Our commitment to caring for the vulnerable is driven by the spirit of 'Sharing when Hungry, Rescuing when Drowning.' We contribute our utmost efforts to supporting the less privileged, actualizing the concept of 'Taking from the community, Using for the community,' and excelling in fostering neighborly relations. SNI, in collaboration with its employees, is deeply involved in local cultural enrichment, initiatives for spiritual well-being, environmental education promotion, assistance to the impoverished in the community, and providing job opportunities for vulnerable groups. Actively participating in various charitable and public welfare activities, SNI contributes its share to caring for society.

Ghost Month Offering: Donation of Supplies to the Huanhua Nursery in Dayuan, Taoyuan

Mid-Autumn Festival: Subscription of Locally Produced Taiwanese Agricultural Products

Guided Project: Educational Activities on the Environmental Ecology of Gengxin Algal Reefs