Sustainable Outcomes

Material Topics

Human Rights
Talent Recruitment and Retention
Diversity and Inclusion
Talent Development and Cultivation
Occupational Health and Safety

Action Plans

Establishment of Migrant Worker Care Committee

Talent Attraction Program for Industry, Government, and Academia

Increasing Average Training Hours for All Employees

Minor Injury Investigation System

Sustainability Contributions in 2022

In 2022, foreign employees accounted for 19.39% of the total workforce.

In 2022, the proportion of employees with disabilities in our workforce was 1.11%.

In 2022, the average training hours for all employees reached 5 hours.

In 2022, approximately 17.7% of the total workforce held a master’s degree or above.

In 2022, the completion rate for the health examination budget reached 88%.

The execution rate of automatic equipment checks within the factory reached 100%.

The completion rate for addressing deficiencies identified in the production line audit reached 100%.

The execution rate for analyzing and improving incidents related to minor injury investigations reached 100%.

All submissions to the employee suggestion box have been processed accordingly.

In 2022, there were no incidents of discrimination, violations of the freedom of assembly and association, sexual harassment, use of child labor, or infringement of indigenous rights.

In 2022, a survey was initiated to assess the expenses incurred by foreign nationals before July 2021 for work-related needs. This is part of an effort to implement a refund program.