Talent Development and Cultivation

Talent Development and Cultivation

SNI considers talent cultivation as one of the most crucial aspects of building human capital within the company. We not only prioritize the education and training of our employees but also emphasize their future development. We consistently organize various workshops and training sessions to enhance the professional skills of our team members. Additionally, we focus on strengthening the leadership and management capabilities of our managerial team to improve overall business performance.

Enhancing Education and Training

SNI places a strong emphasis on talent development by establishing a comprehensive company training system. We provide education and training to employees at various levels and positions, continuously enhancing their professional capabilities. We believe in creating a more robust talent development system, strengthening the connection between planning and outcomes, and cultivating the company's human capital. This ensures the quality and effectiveness of training, assisting employees in effectively enhancing their competitiveness in the workplace.

Due to the impact of the pandemic in 2022, some physical courses were replaced with online alternatives, ensuring uninterrupted learning despite the challenging circumstances. In the 2022 fiscal year, a total of 80 courses were offered, covering diverse topics such as research and development, management, processes, environmental safety, computer skills, quality, legal matters, and other areas. The cumulative number of participants was 2,601, with a total training duration of 7,397 hours. We will continue to review and improve, committed to creating a comprehensive and high-quality training system.







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