Chairman's Message

Chairman of Senao Networks Inc.

Tommy Tsai

As global citizens, SNI has consistently dedicated itself to addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), continually enhancing aspects of corporate governance, economics, environment, and society to strengthen the foundation of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) information disclosure, striving towards a sustainable life on Earth.

Firstly, in terms of corporate governance, we place great importance on sustainable business practices. We continuously work towards establishing robust corporate governance and risk control mechanisms to ensure the rights of shareholders and stakeholders, as well as to guarantee the sustainability of company operations.

Secondly, we are committed to talent cultivation and mutual growth, actively attracting talents from various fields to join our team. We provide comprehensive training and development systems to enhance employees' professional knowledge and skills, fostering mutual growth for individuals and the company. To promote the well-being of our employees, we conduct regular health check-ups, offer on-site medical consultations, encourage family planning, and provide diverse welfare measures, creating a healthy and friendly workplace environment.

Concerning environmental issues such as global warming and climate change, we recognize the finite nature of Earth's resources and are dedicated to reducing the company's carbon footprint. Since 2015, we have taken concrete actions each year, achieving an annual average electricity savings rate of over 1%. We will continue to drive carbon reduction initiatives, with the Taiwan 2050 carbon neutrality goal guiding our long-term development efforts, contributing our efforts to the sustainable development of the Earth.

In addition to addressing internal environmental issues, SNI actively participates in social welfare activities, responding to societal needs through tangible actions. We have engaged in various donations, including providing supplies to Honghua Children's Home and Youth Care Center and supporting the AAEON Foundation for Education, as well as backing projects like assisting young farmers in Taiwan's citrus industry and promoting environmental ecological education for the Taoyuan Guan-Xin Algae Reefs Ecosystem Wildlife Refuge in Taoyuan. We will continue to uphold the spirit of ESG, collectively creating a virtuous and positive cycle.

Looking ahead, SNI will continue to grow and innovate, leveraging the influence of the enterprise. We will drive actions related to ESG through the internal Sustainable Development Committee, aiming to achieve the sustainable goal of "consumers happy, Earth secure, and enterprises trustworthy."

We will join hands with all stakeholders, working together to create a better future for the sustainable development of the Earth.


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