Sustainable Outcomes

Material Topics

Corporate Governance
Regulatory Compliance

Action Plans

Establishing an ’’Audit Committee’’.

100% New Hires Signed the Code of Ethics in 2022.

Sustainable Contributions in 2022

In the ninth edition of the corporate governance evaluation, the company was ranked among the top 6-20% of over-the-counter listed companies.

100% of the board members completed director training hours in 2022.

The average attendance rate of all board members (including proxy attendance) at quarterly board meetings in 2022 was 100%.

In 2022, 100% of all new personnel signed the Code of Ethics.

A total of 12 legal column newsletters were published in 2022.

Four legal-related education and training seminars were held in 2022.

Internal performance assessments of the board of directors and functional committees in 2022 all achieved a “better than standard” rating, indicating overall good operation.

In 2022, there were no significant violations of social or economic regulations, and no fines were imposed.