ESG Sustainability Policy

ESG Sustainability Policy

SNI adheres to the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct and upholds a people-centered approach. Within the group, we ensure human rights, nurture employee skills, and enhance well-being. Externally, we actively establish an environment of coexistence and mutual growth with society, promoting economic prosperity. Together with our supply chain partners, we strive to provide favorable working conditions and produce products that contribute to human convenience and comfort. Throughout our operations, we aim to comply with laws, conduct ethical business practices, and stay attuned to international, societal, and local dynamics.

We implement various operational systems for transparent management, enhancing our corporate image and dedicating ourselves to creating a sustainable and vibrant enterprise.

Under the firm commitment of precision, we work diligently to achieve various aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility, driving towards "Business Sustainability":


Conducting transparent internal management, ensuring continuous profitable and sustainable development, and safeguarding the rights and interests of stakeholders through honest business practices.


Adhering to legal requirements, minimizing resource consumption, and developing environment-friendly products.


Providing employees with comprehensive benefits and training, establishing a healthy and joyful working environment, and enhancing employee engagement and well-being.

Supply Chain

Local sourcing, reducing packaging, minimizing transportation emissions, refraining from using conflict minerals, and promoting a green and sustainable value chain.


Engaging employees in community care, enhancing societal well-being, establishing a positive corporate image, and promoting ongoing business sustainability.


Operating under fair trade principles, upholding integrity across all employees, refraining from soliciting or accepting gifts or benefits from parties with vested interests, strictly adhering to business ethics, and respecting intellectual property and privacy rights.