Economic Performance

Economic Performance

SNI's core business is aimed at sustainable profitability, adhering to various local tax regulations implemented by the government. We are committed to honest declaration and timely payment of income taxes, supporting government initiatives for major public infrastructure projects, encouraging industrial innovation, and investing in research and development. We diligently apply for relevant tax incentives in accordance with the law.

Operating Revenue

Devoted to innovative research and development of high-efficiency, high-reliability network communication products, SNI consistently explores new technological solutions. With an annual investment in research and development amounting to 5% of the group's total revenue, the product line spans across imaging, voice, data transmission, and energy-saving solutions. Complemented by a well-established network management system, these products are integrated into a comprehensive and secure suite of data communication, voice, and safety monitoring network applications. SNI has established overseas sales and service points in the United States, Europe, Singapore, Dubai, Canada, Japan, and other regions, providing comprehensive solutions and local support.

SNI Distribution Map of Global Operating Locations

Research & Development Expenses

Percentage of Revenue by Product Categories



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