Employee Development

Senao Networks grows and learns with you

Senao Networks Inc. attaches great importance to talent development. We are committed to transforming “human resources" into “talent capitals". Through learning systems and training resources, it strengthens employee core competitiveness that Senao Networks Inc. can provide the most valuable products in the market to meet customer needs.

Dynamic Talent Developing Based on Competency

Each Competency training follows the Talent Development Quality Management System (TTQS)

Diverse Learning Methods


Organize diversified courses, seminars and activities to expand professional skills and broaden new knowledge.

On-the-Job Training

Managers and mentors work hand in hand with you to lead, learn by doing, making learning less abstract, and enabling practical application for true understanding.


The “E-Learning” system provides various online courses for employees to learn at any time and in any location.

Cross- disciplinary Collaborative Learning

Collaborate with external experts to broaden the learning horizon and stimulate innovative mindset.