Announcement for the dismissal of Supervisor

Date of Announcement Time of Announcement Spokesman Title of Spokesman Telephone
2022/06/13 22:24:40 Kim Yu Financial Controller 03-3289289


1.Date of occurrence of the change:2022/06/13
2.Elected or changed position (Please enter institutional director, institutional supervisor, independent director, natural-person director or natural-person supervisor): natural-person supervisor
3.Title and name of the previous position holder:supervisor; Ke-Ming Lin
4.Resume of the previous position holder:supervisor
5.Title and name of the new position holder:NA
6.Resume of the new position holder:NA
7.Circumstances of change (Please enter “resignation”, “dismissal”, “term expired”, “death” or “new appointment”): dismissal
8.Reason for the change:The Supervisor has sold more than 1/2 of the shares which being held by him at the time he is elected.
9.Number of shares held by the new position holder when elected:NA
10.Original term (from __________ to __________):2019/06/12 to 2022/06/11
11.Effective date of the new appointment:NA
12.Turnover rate of directors of the same term:NA
13.Turnover rate of independent directors of the same term:NA
14.Turnover rate of supervisors of the same term:1/3
15.Change in one-third or more of directors (Please enter “Yes” or “No”):No
16.Any other matters that need to be specified:The company proposes to duly elect new Board members at this year's Annual Meeting of Shareholders, and will establish the Audit Committee, and consequently, the supervisors will no longer be elected.