Premium Gigabit Switches

Model: EGS3524T, EGS3524F, EGS3548T

Product Highlights

  • Designed with Broadcom Hurrican3 and Hurricane3MG
  • Ethernet Interfaces: 
    • 24 x GbE  and 4 x SFP+ 10G uplinks (PoE Optional) (EGS3524T)
    • 24 x SFP and  4 x SFP+ 10G uplinks  (EGS3524F) 
    • 48 x GbE  + 4 x SFP+ 10G uplinks (PoE Optional) (EGS3548T)
  • Memory:  DDR4 1 GB (512 MBx2)
  • Storage: SPI NOR Flash 16 MB, NAND Flash 256 MB
  • Redundant open frame power design 
  • PoE 802.3bt
  • PoE budget 420/774W
  • Dual fan, 1U Chassis Design


Switch Ports (EGS3524T) 24 x GbE, 4 x SFP+
Switch Ports (EGS3524F) 24 x SFP, 4 x SFP
Switch Ports (EGS3548T) 48 x GbE , 4 x 10 SFP+
Management Ports (EGS3524T) 1 x 10/100 Mbps MGMT port , 1 x USB 2.0 host interface, 1 x RJ45 Console port
Management Ports (EGS3524F) 1 x RJ45 Console port, 1 x GbE for MGMT port , 1 x USB 2.0 host interface
Management Ports (EGS3548T) 1 x GbE MGMT port, 1 x USB 2.0 host interface, 1 x RJ45 Console port
Memory DDR4: 1 GB (512 MBx 2)
SPI FLASH for BIOS NAND Flash 256 MB SPI NOR Flash 16 MB
Power Supply-main 480W PSU/60W PSU/900W PSU
Power Supply-redundant External power bank
PoE Power Budget (EGS3524T) 420W
PoE Power Budget (EGS3524F) NA
PoE Power Budget (EGS3548T) 774W
Operation Temperature 0 ~ 45° C (32 ~ 122°F)
Dimension (mm) 440 x 310 x 44
Dimension (mm) 440 x 260 x 44
Dimension (mm) 440 x 410 x 44

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