Visualize Your Network with the AI-driven Cloud

Senao Cloud always keeps you updated on the status of your networks. It empowers you to shoot the troubles with accurate and feasible advice based on big data infrastructure and AI computing.

Network Health at a Glance

Get the big picture of your network status with a complete dashboard. Holistic assessments of real-time network health let you provide rapid responses to network issues.

Discover Potential Connection Problems with Client Timeline

Pull up an entire history of the client device to trace back the time and behavior when a network problem may have originated.

Pinpoint Issues with the AI-Driven Advisory Board

You will receive a notification with comprehensive advice, including potential problems and AI-recommended responses, whenever any abnormal situation occurs in your network devices.

Supervise Devices with Real-Time Metrics

Break down key performance diagnostics such as CPU, memory, and throughput to determine the root cause of the current network problem.

AP Locations and Wi-Fi Strength with Floor Plan

Upload a floor plan and preview your Wi-Fi coverage in simulated conditions with heatmaps that factor in real-world obstacles such as walls.

View the Real Connections of Devices with Topology View

The topology view displays all the devices managed by the Cloud and the relationships between network devices. You can see the real-time status of Access Points and switches and check the detailed information of PoE status, IP and MAC address, and throughput.

Monitor Connection of Branches with Transparent Visibility

Get real-time insights into the status of all VPN links, WAN performance, and network trends. With our easy-to-use dashboard, you can troubleshoot issues quickly and effortlessly.

Get Information About Layer 7 Applications

Take full control of the applications in service with layer 7 dashboards for ranking and usage information.