High-Speed and High-Reliability 4G Mobile Communication

The improvement of mobile communication technology and speed has made high-speed networking in the industry market necessity for daily operations, providing more efficient management. Senao Network's Vehicular LTE/Wi-Fi gateways and CBRS-LTE products provide mobile use in various industries a high-speed, safe, flexible and easy-to-manage long-distance mobile communication network system.

Dual LTE & Dual Sim Support

Dual Sim for auto-carriers selection. Dual LTE module for WAN redundancy, load balance, or aggregation. Flexible LTE module selections of Interoperability

High-Reliability Quality of Service

Senao Network's vehicular LTE gateway features transient protection for vehicular application, IP54/64 rated mechanical design, isolation I/O, vehicle standard compliance, wide operating temperature -40° C to 60°, and time delay off for battery protection.

Seamless Connectivity For Industrial Applications

Senao Networks' offering products can be used in the following industries: fleet management, public safety communication, cold chain logistics, Wi-Fi/in-Vehicle Wi-Fi, and Internet of things applications.