Managed Enterprise Switches

Enterprises Ethernet switches are equipped with high-density ports and designed for high-reliability to meet the requirements of enterprises for high performance and high service level agreement (SLA).

High-density Port Design to Effectively Control the Deployment Cost

SNI' s enterprise-class Ethernet switches provide high-density port design, offering the largest number of ports in a limited space, improving the efficiency of network rack usage, and reducing the overall cost of customers.

Highly Flexible System Architecture Solution

We provide highly flexible x86 or embedded hardware systems, including ARM and MIPS, architecture solutions to meet the different software systems and stacking requirements from customers.

Customized Redundant Supply and Load Balancing of Power

With the superior integration capabilities, we provide the customizable design of redundant power supply and load sharing, allowing users to obtain the best power supply module solution in an economical way. If the main power source fails, the redundant power can automatically switch to the backup the power supply, and avoid the single point of failure of the system due to power failure, so as to increase the mean time between failures of the overall system.

Customizable Hardware Security and Data Encryption Design

As the network architecture becomes more and more complex, the trend of intrusion against a single device is rising. Our enterprise-level switches offer different levels of solution planning based on customer system security plans and responding to the ever-changing network threats.