Open Frame Module

The 12V and -54V dual output power supplies specially designed for PoE network communication products provide up to 950W power output. The built-in 12V output can save time and space for the additional design of 54V to 12V circuits! Combining rich experience in networking product design, we know the needs of customers for PoE power supply.

Built-in Surge Protection Protects Valuable Devices

The built-in high-power surge protectors 4KV (L/N-PE) and 3KV (L-N) ensure that valuable network equipment is protected from abnormal surges such as power surges and lightning strikes.

Easy-to-Deploy and Specialized for Networking Systems

Senao open frame power supplies are specially designed for PoE applications. Built-in 12V and -54V PoE dual output and up to 950W output power provide stable power for the system, making it easy to install and save the time of the work planning process.