900MHz Industrial Long Range Cordless Phone System

As a leader of Premises Mobility Communications, Senao's long-range cordless phone systems and durable handsets deliver extremely wide-reaching reliability outdoors, throughout multi-story buildings and in complex environments. Quickly and easily deploy each system and connect users with valued features like push-to-talk broadcast and two-way intercom for instant communications.
* This product is not available for sale in Taiwan

Diverse System Capacity: Single-line VS Multi-line

Senao's long-range cordless telephone system provides different system capacity options: 1 ~ 32 lines, according to the demands of enterprise users, which can fully meet the demands of different scale enterprises.

Support 800/900MHz & Adopt TDMA/ FDMA Multiple Access

Senao's long-range cordless telephone system uses 800MHz and 900MHz frequency bands in accordance with the regulations of different regions/countries, and adopts FDMA and TDMA multiplexing access technology for different frequency bands, taking into account legality, capacity, and long-range features.