Industrial Long Range SIP Cordless Phone System

To meet the trend of IP-based cordless communication, Senao's new generation of long-range cordless VoIP phone system has not been absent in the communication market, providing enterprises with extensive reliability in multi-story buildings and complex environments. With the various settings of the GUI, each system can be easily deployed. At the same time, it provides a more flexible and compatible mechanism for different types of IP-PBXs of enterprise users, so that enterprise users can avoid the trouble of installation and setting.
* This product is not available for sale in Taiwan

PSTN/VoIP Hybrid System : Single-base VS Multi-base

Senao's long-range VoIP cordless telephone system has two types of telecommunication networks on the market-PSTN and IP network co-construction design, which provides business users with dual options.

Premise-Managed System VS Cloud-Managed System

Senao's long-range VoIP cordless telephone system provides different management and setting modes for enterprise users according to market requirements. The system suitable for small businesses uses an on-premises management mode. Users directly connect and enter the system to manage and configure. The system suitable for large enterprises uses cloud control technology to manage and configure through the Cloud which developed by Senao.