Cloud Networks

Senao Cloud Networks are built on top of the most advanced cloud computing technology. Scalable and AI-ready, the robust and dynamic cloud computing infrastructure helps you work smart on your network with important analytics and visualization tools.

AI-driven Cloud Computing

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables the Cloud to predict issues before they occur and provide accurate recommendations to proactively improve performance. Senao Cloud’s Advisory Board uses AI to continuously analyze networks and report potential problems, often before issues occur.

The Best Wi-Fi Solution for Your Business

For SMBs and enterprises that need to easily and securely manage their wireless networks without servers, Senao Cloud’s quick installation and configuration provides reliable performance, predictive analysis, and real-time insights to enable companies to focus on growing their business.

Easy Deployment

Rapid deployment for multiple sites, quick registration, and group device configuration is available on your Cloud network.

Smart Networking

Manage your networks with the hierarchy view in real-time. Control the status of your networks with comprehensive features for all of your business needs.

Visualized Insights

The Cloud keeps you updated on the details of your devices and clients. It empowers you to monitor networks on-demand and troubleshoot with accurate and actionable advice.

Next-Generation True Cloud for High Stability and Scalability

Senao Cloud is built on top of the most advanced cloud computing technology. Scalable and AI-ready, the robust and dynamic cloud computing infrastructure helps you work smart and safely on your network.

Most Advanced Server-less Cloud Infrastructure

No more server boundaries

FaaS : Function-as-a-Service with Dynamic Allocation

Each function has its own scalability and works together seamlessly

99.99 Reliability SLA Guaranteed

Your network is always available

Secured Cloud Deployment for User Data

Senao Networks ensures the security of your cloud data through a secured channel with a Two-factor authentication mechanism. User data will not go through Senao's Cloud, so the user has full control of the data plane.

Versatile Lines of Cloud Managed Devices

With the latest business technology and a reliable switching platform, Senao Cloud boasts a versatile line of high-performance managed network devices, including future-proof Wi-Fi 7 AP models, multi-gigabit PoE Switches with SFP options, and security SD-WAN Gateways. Besides hardware products, We also provide comprehensive license management services that authorize the essential features with the Basic License and advanced features with the Professional License.

Cloud-Based Unified Management

Experience enhanced visibility and management capabilities with the Cloud-unified network solution that provides centralized control for all your Access Points, Switches, and Gateways under a single pane of glass.

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Easy to manage and monitor multiple sites in hierarchy view and with real-time device status and comprehensive features for business needs

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