IoT in Enterprise Appliance

Senao Networks Inc. designs networked appliances from sensors, access controls and cameras, to safeguard a wide variety of environments.

Know what is happening with seamless networking device

Senao Networks provided the high-speed network equipment that can be used as a distributed operation and data exchange between the remote operation of the cloud edge and data center. The complete solution includes hardware platforms such as Rackmount Unit and based on the related open-source software such as ONS, Openflow, SONIC... It can be used in high-speed network topologies of data centers, such as ToR, Spine, and Leaf applications. And the products provided 25G/100G/400G high-speed connections and supporting up to 12.8Tbps bandwidth. It can also be used by telecom service providers on the edge infrastructure of the 5G mobile communications to deal with the explosive growth of 5G connected devices and services. Senao Networks provides a complete solution to meet a large number of links and high performance defined in the 5G KPI and low latency requirements.

Know what is happening with seamless networking device

Senao wire and wireless IoT appliances can centralize security management.

Site Visibility and Computer Vision

Use wireless for image and sensing data transmission, site visibility can be managed remotely.

AI on Camera

The AI integrating SoC makes AI camera easier to track object.

Senao provide customized environmental management solution

Modulized sensing feature and customized entrance management solution can fulfill customer's requirement.

Related Product Series

5MP fixed lens with robust IP67/IK10 protection for outdoor application.

5 MP Outdoor Motorized Varifocal Bullet Camera

Provide environmental monitoring solution to protect your IT assets from environmental threats.