Wi-Fi Optimized

Versatile Portfolios of Wi-Fi 7 Devices that satisfied all aspects of demands for Enterprise Wi-Fi deployment

Enterprise Wi-Fi

Versatile Portfolios of Wi-Fi Devices that satisfied all aspects of demands for Enterprise Wi-Fi deployment

The Improved Features of Wi-Fi 7 (802.11be)

Introducing the Wi-Fi 7 access points, the latest offering from Senao Networks with exciting new features and improvements for growth-oriented small and medium business networks.

Multi-Lan Operation (MLO) provides bandwidth benefit

MLO enables data flows to be sent across multiple channels to a Multi-Link Device which can provide bandwidth benefits for flows exceeding the capacity of a single channel. MLO offer low latencey through opportunistic channel selection.

OFDMA schedules to reduce payload and latency

Wi-Fi 7 adopts OFDMA allows multiple users with varying bandwidth needs to be served simultaneously. It results in fixed overhead payload size, reduced latency, and increased efficiency.

4K QAM results in a 25% increase in data rates

802.11be comes with a higher modulation scheme of 4K QAM, which translates to better throughput and 25% higher capacity than the traditional modulation scheme.

Preamble Puncturing to re-claim transmission in a channel

802.11be main-streams can proceed preamble puncturing transmission to re-claim much of the spectrum even under the presence of ‘interference’.

Advanced Wireless Solution with Wi-Fi 7

Extending channels into the 6 GHz band for groundbreaking Wi-Fi 7 performance across mobile, compute, and network infrastructure. The newly allocated 6 GHz band doubles the available spectrum and is designed to transform industries through a boost in speed, surge in capacity, and dramatic reduction in latency.

Higher Speed

The Wi-Fi 7 offerings leverage advanced features like 4K QAM, and support for high speed 320 MHz channels for multi-gigabit per second speed with superb stability and consistent experiences.

Greater Capacity

The Wi-Fi 7 offerings feature Qualcomm® Multi-User Traffic Management techniques and universal uplink/downlink traffic support to drastically increase capacity utilization while reducing congestion.

Lower Latency

Clear 6 GHz spectrum occupied only by efficient Wi-Fi 7 traffic designed to deliver significant reductions in latency, increasing responsiveness for latency-sensitive applications.

Time-based Technology Improves Outdoor Wi-Fi

When an outdoor network spans large distances, its access points or stations are unable to detect each other’s transmissions. Frequent collisions will occur when multiple points transmit simultaneously. Senao wireless outdoors feature PtP and PtMP technology, which allocates transmissions from remote locations into slots for efficient time-based management.

Flexible Power Options with Power-over-Ethernet

Flexible AP placement is possible with PoE support. Deploy APs on ceilings or in other locations even where power outlets are scarce. Connect and power APs via Ethernet cable on 802.3at/af and PoE-capable switches, or with a PoE adopter from up to 328 feet from the power source.

Powerful Management System to Secure Data and Network

Possess a powerful wireless network management system, which can implement remote (cross-segment) management, and provide network management for general individual users to multinational enterprises; with advanced security functions allows managers to specify standards-based security and verification Policies to detect and prevent malicious wireless base stations and intrusion threats, receive email alerts, prevent visitors from accessing network files or devices, and separate user groups with enhanced security and bandwidth control.

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